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Songs of everyday life and imagination, written by siblings Alma 12 and Tuure 9 years old. The album starts off with a song about a motor boat jumping on waves,  takes us to places like sleepingbags, emptiness of the earth at the beginnig of times, magical forest,  train and Hawaiji.  We will watch seasons change, question the point of making a bad omelette and scratch a cat who really likes to be scratched.

"Children are too often passengers in this world of adults. 'Hurjat silmät' album lets children hold the steering wheel for a change. What a ride!" - Voima magazine

1. Peräprutkut MP3 for €1.00
2. Mitä Järkeä MP3 for €1.00
3. Junassa MP3 for €1.00
4. Kevät MP3 for €1.00
5. Makuupussissa MP3 for €1.00
6. Hawaiji MP3 for €1.00
7. Maa Aikojen Alussa MP3 for €1.00
8. Munakas MP3 for €1.00
9. Kissa MP3 for €1.00
10. Vuodenajat MP3 for €1.00
11. Maan Alla MP3 for €1.00
12. Mysliä Tippuu MP3 for €1.00
13. Aplodeja MP3 for €1.00
14. Satumetsän Siimeksessä MP3 for €1.00
15. Satumetsä MP3 for €1.00

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